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Maximilian Smécz


I’m Max and I am studying Psychology at UvA. I am very proud to be the first international student to take the position of chair in STAH. To me our very mixed board reflects the one thing I love most about STAH: Our welcoming, open and diverse community of gymnastics enthusiasts. 

I am truly grateful for the trust our members have in us as a board and am fully convinced that we can continue to help STAH grow even further and get more people involved in gymnastics.

Samantha Bolderbes

I am Samantha, 21 years old. Currently I'm in a gap year after which I will continue with my Bachelor in nursing at InHolland. I've always been fascinated by gymnastics and have done it myself for a few years as a child. When I moved to Amsterdam and saw there was a student gymnastics association, I didn't hesitate and signed in without any hesitation! The kind, talented and open-minded people in STAH motivated me to become a better version of myself and broaden my horizons. After only being a member for a little over a year I was very proud to be able to introduce myself as the secretary of this amazing association!

Nathan de Bruin

I’m Nathan, 20 years old, and I study mathematics at the UvA. I used to do competitive swimming for 8 years, but wanted to do something new in my student years. Therefore I joined STAH, and I liked it so much that I decided to be more involved by doing a board year, after only being a member for six months. For me, STAH is an amazing combination of staying fit and having fun. I’m very excited about what’s to come this year.

Hannah Min

Competition Commissioner

I am Hannah, 26 years old, and last fall I graduated in Artificial Intelligence. I'm so happy to have picked up gymnastics again, almost 3 years ago, at STAH! So when I was asked as competition commissioner this year, I jumped (or rather cartwheeled) to the occasion.

As the competition commissioner, I really enjoy watching our members learn new skills and see them perform these skills at competitions. I am also very excited that we will organize the jumping competition this year. 


Jelke Hoogzaad
Intern/External commissioner

I'm Jelke, 21 years old, and I am commissioner extern and intern for STAH this season. I've been doing gymnastics since I was 6, and went to the selection at 9 years old. After 3 years I stopped and did freerunning for 1.5 years. In 2021 I joined STAH and fell in love with the sport again. I’m now in my third year of Mechanical Engineering at the HvA. Bringing students together, and creating an atmosphere around fun and sports is a big priority of mine.

In het seizoen 2017-2018 is STAH opgericht door Jaana Kaismo, Kimberley Thomas en Noémie Monteiro. STAH is de eerste Amsterdamse studenten turnvereniging en daar zijn wij erg trots op. Deze drie toppers hebben binnen een jaar veel inzet getoond en een succesvolle vereniging opgezet. STAH is sinds 
27 maart 2018 officieel ingeschreven als vereniging bij Kamer van Koophandel 

Bestuur 4
Bestuursjaren: 2021-2022 

Voorzitter: Cinzia
Secretaris: Charlotte Jansen
Penningmeester: Ruben van Erp
Commissaris intern/extern: Kad-rill

Commissaris extern: Laura 

Bestuur 3 

Bestuursjaar: 2020-2021

Voorzitter: Rowanna van den Bosch
Secretaris: Ruben van Erp
Penningmeester: Rebecca Sengers 
Commissaris intern/extern: Keira Zieboll 
Commissaris Wedstrijd: Charlotte Jansen

Bestuur 2 

Bestuursjaar: 2019-2020

Voorzitter: Marieke Leijten
Secretaris: Isabeau Welmer 
Penningmeester: Charlotte Smith 
Commissaris intern: Jonelle Marasigan
Commissaris PR: Jaana Kaismo  

Bestuur 1
Bestuursjaren: 2017-2019 

Voorzitter: Jaana Kaismo 
Secretaris: Kimberley Thomas 
Penningmeester: Noémie Monteiro